Radon Environmental has been in the business of helping home-owners and business across the great lakes region (Indiana, Southern Michigan, Ohio) to protect themselves from the dangers of radon and indoor air pollution since 1988. We are family owned and have mitigated over 10,000 homes and businesses since we first opened our doors. While our primary service is radon reduction, we have also addressed other soil contamination pollutants such as methane from nearby landfills, pesticides from lawns and farmland, C0² from abandoned strip mines and volatile organics compounds from nearby factories and dry cleaners. 

It is our sincere hope that these pages will provide you with the information you need to prevent needless exposure to such risks. Even if your home doesn't have a radon problem, air from the soil can still make you sick. Today's homes are built to be energy efficient...which is a good thing if you control the pollutants generated by normal living. No one would consider eliminating exhaust fans or building a fireplace without a chimney... yet that is what happens when we fail to control the entry of air from the soil that surrounds a home's foundation.

Think about this. We are the first generation of Americans to live in energy efficient houses. Could it be that in our efforts to become “green” we have actually created new health issues? Experts agree that the air we breathe in our homes and businesses is one of the leading causes of respiratory illness and disease. Even ordinary soil moisture creates mold that can become a breeding ground for organisms which cause respiratory illness and damage building materials.

To find out the latest information from the environmental protection agency (EPA) on radon and its effects.

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Radon Environmental has been installing Mitigation Systems in central Indiana homes since 1988. We are state licensed for both radon testing and mitigation. We can confidently say we have never encountered a house we could not fix. We use a variety of methods to reduce radon and vapor intrusion for both homes and businesses. 


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Let us help you take the right step in protecting what is most valuable. We at Radon Environmental provide free a quote with a detailed explanation of our services and installation process. We back our service with a 100% guarantee of radon reduction or your money back!



What is radon? How does radon cause cancer? Where does radon come from? How does radon enter homes? How is radon detected? Were can I find more information? How often Should I re-test an existing mitigation system? When are the highest radon levels?


  Whats The Risk ?

The risks of exposure to high concentrations of radon are very serious, serious enough to cause disease, cancer and can even be fatal. To fully understand the risks of radon &  if you and your family are potentially at risk, find out everything you need to know here.


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